Would you consider yourself someone who is productive? We live in a culture that demands results. If you are not functioning and producing at a high level, then you will be left behind.

There are lots of books and blogs dedicated to helping people find their flow. Personally, I take the time to read some of the resources because I know I need the help. There’s nothing wrong with needing help! If you are serious at becoming more productive and learning to be a better steward of your time, here are a few helpful thoughts…

1. Establish a To Do List

This is tried and true. Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time. Having a To Do List helps you to remain focused at the task(s) at hand and not get sidetracked.

2. Block Your Time

This is something that I have found to be most helpful. Sometimes we try to do too much. There are times when less is more. Setting aside blocks of time throughout your day can lead to more productivity. Taking multiple small breaks throughout your day help the creative juices flow. Come up for air once and a while

3. Remove The Distractions

This one is huge. With all the technologies at our fingertips it seems as though we have become more distracted. Tweeting, updating your status, and whatever else people do get in the way of productivity. Sometimes a pen and paper is all that is needed.

4. Environments

Depending on where you work, I have found that I am more productive in certain environments. If you work from home it can be difficult because of the freedom and the possible freedoms exist. If you work in an office, you may find it stuffy or too loud. There could also be a number if other factors depending on your situation. The point here is you need to find a space that works for you.

Now I am sure none of these points are new to anyone. They are meant to be helpful reminders. Intended to help you to become better and more productive at what you do.

What are some of the actions you take to help you to become more productive?

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How do you sum up who you are in a few words? Well, I hope this blog will help you form an opinion of who I am and if not ...

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How do you sum up who you are in a few words? Well, I hope this blog will help you form an opinion of who I am and if not ...

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